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Debbie G.

Hi Cate,
I am so glad to see a new post.... but, sad that you won't be posting for a while.
If I may say something.... I LOVE YOUR blog! This post is wonderful, funny, and sweet. I am fairly new to blog land and my favorite blogs are ones that are from the heart, funny and use everyday stuff to highlight a truth about the Lord and His word. And ones that make me feel like I'm having a conversation with the blogger. :)
FYI- There are some great sites online and books if you need help with navigating your blog and blog land. I am a bit of a perfectionist myself so I read and reread my posts and actually go to an online dictionary to check my spelling and then edit and reedit .... Whew! It can be tiring can't it. But I do enjoy it! I really hope you will not give up. Remember why you started to blog.... and keep at it. I feel you have some good stuff to share. So, hope to see another post soon, but when you're ready.
Love ya sweet friend,


Just bouncing over after I rec'd your sweet email. I used Typepad for a blog I had years ago so if you need help adding the about page, uploading pictures, post links, etc. I'll be happy to answer what I can. Just shoot me an email. And of course, don't get discouraged! There is a learning curve but it's a small one - promise.

Cate Tuten

Dear Amanda! ........thank you for taking the time to go to my blog and leave an encouraging comment! Thank you!.....I would love some help-- you are more than gracious to offer. I mean, in our southern slang, my gracious, why thank you!....I live part time on an island an hour from Charleston ( by car. Much shorter by boat). And I live the other part in Louisiana. Heat, humidity and summer vegetables all around. ( I loved your post on roadside stands).....My first question, when you have time to answer, is how to upload pictures and then comment below them????.........Blessings to you on this July day!.....Cate


Well, your blog certainly LOOKS beautiful! Have fun figuring it all out as far as the editing of it goes. Thanks for visiting me today and for your comment.


Just found you...I am not sure if you remember me from the Creative Connection event but I found your address amoung all my cards...sorry it has taken me so long to come over and say HI!

Hope all is well and you are having a great fall.



Just stopping by from Coffee Talk. Hope you figure all your blogging stuff out. It looks like maybe it has been a while since this post so I hope you haven't given up! I must admit to being a technology dummy...I finally had to switch to blogger because it was so easy! Good luck!


I'm here from Home Sanctuary. Have you ever used Blogger? I think it's really easy to use, and I have many techno hang-ups, not the least of which is knowing the difference between upload and download. Don't give up; consider switching to Blogger. Just a thought. I like your southern "voice" which, like love, "covers a multitude of sins" --typos, grammatical errors, and run-ons. (I majored in English,too, and go CRAZY at my mistakes. I say "get over it" and enjoy the ride. Life's too short to edit every detail.) I'm a recovering perfectionist, BTW!

Hazel Moon

Keep on blogging you are needed in the fellowship of bloggers. When I first started blogging a few months ago, I would e-mail my draft to my daughter and she would edit it for me, correcting grammar and suggesting thoughts. It was great, but then she was very busy with her life, so I just jumped in and was myself. I think that is what it is all about! Sharing with each other and sharing God's Love. Fellowship and communion!

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