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This is a beautiful post, Cate - and your blog looks lovely. I love the name. Flourish.
And you will, because HE swells your spirit with His love. You are not alone. You are His, and he comforts you with His love. He lifts you up on eagles wings.
His strength is perfect.
His hope is neverending

May he comfort you today


Beautiful blog and commentary. I have been out of town but look forward to getting back in touch. I have a wonderful Eliot quote of my own that was sent to me when I was going through a really rough time several years ago. I will share soon.

Cate Tuten

Thank you, Anne! I will look forward to receiving it...Love you, sister in the Lord!


This is beautiful, Cate! Love your blog. This is so true about hope. The one only hope that doesn't disappoint is that which we place in God. And despair is the complete absence of hope. When I see that in this world, I ache spiritually, mentally, and even physically. God never lets us down. He so good to us. So, so very good. :-) Hugging you!

Cate Tuten

Thank you, Dineen for your encouraging comment. And thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!! Blessings to you!

Debbie G.

Hi Cate,
I love this post... I read it and re-read it!
Yes, despair has visited me a few times in life. Those verses in Isaiah 40 have been some of my favorite for a long time. But, the quote by George Eliot I have never heard and I love it! Such truth in it.
I can't wait to read more - please don't stop. You really do have something to say. And the Lord has something to say through you.
Keep believing!
Your new blogland friend,

Angela (Ang4him)

Lovely post and blog Cate. I love Isaiah 40, these verses have held me up more times than I can count. Thank you for starting this blog I will be coming back to visit often.

Cate Tuten

Thank you, Angela, for taking the time to visit my blog! I am so excited to be entering the blogging world for Him.....Blessings to you, Ang4Him! Cate

Cate Tuten

Thank you so much for your comment, Debbie! We can encourage each other as we write to express our love for our Lord and our dependence on Him......Have a good weekend!! Cate

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