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Jessica Tuten

Yay!! I am so proud of you for getting this going! You will do wonderful. Can't wait for more posts:)

cate tuten

Thank you, Jessie. You are such an encourager!!

Julie Simmons

Glad to see your blog, Cathy. Concerning the should be easy to EDIT a post that has already published. There are just so many little things to learn when you start a website, but most of them are very easy...there are just so many details that it seems hard.
Love you,

Laurie Adams

Cate..First of all CONGRATS! and WELCOME to blogging! Not only is it fun but a great ministry of encouraging others. I answered your question over on my blog about my post but thought I would answer here as well.

I would be honored for you to share my post on your facebook. Copy this link:

and then on facebook, right below where you update your status, there is "link" if you click that you can paste my link to be on your facebook page.

And if you havent found me yet on facebook, look me up, I'd love to keep up with you there as well!

blessings, Laurie


Welcome to the world of blogging, bless you.

Cate Tuten

Thank you so much, Laurie, for your encouragement! We are now face book friends! Im a beg. in blogging, but learning the ropes. Im not sure how to reply to you through the blog yet, so Im sending this email......Thanks for sharing His love and Word in the blogging sphere! Blessings to you, Cate


Hi Cate,

Congrats on taking the first step in blogging. I just started a couple of months ago myself.

Cate Tuten

Thank you Wanda, so much for your encouragement!! Blessings to you as you witness for our Lord!! Cate

Lynn Donovan


Love the look of your new home. So glad to see you join our amazing community. Going to add your blog to our roll. Hope that is okay. Hugging you. Lynn

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